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The trouble with much of our social activism is that it often starts with, “What can the church do to serve the world?” So the church ends up running errands for whatever the world happens to be craving at the moment. Not all action in the world is God’s action. We should begin as the […]

He had raised the hood and studied the mechanism and he said he could tell that the car had been built in the days when cars were really built. You take now, he said, one man puts in one bolt and another man puts in another bolt and another man puts in another bolt so […]

In The Idea of a Christian Society, published nearly 60 years ago, T. S. Eliot assesses with startling prescience our present condition–and he lays the blame firmly on the liberal philosophy: We are living at present in a kind of doldrums between opposing winds of doctrine, in a period in which one political philosophy [liberalism] […]

Q: Was it hard for you to have been carrying that interim tag for so many months? A: No. I’ve always been lucky that I understand and enjoy the day-to-day part of coaching and working with a group and recognize that importance of all that goes on on the inside a team. It is essential […]

[This web version of “The Decay of Lying” is based on the text from Volume 7 of The Complete Writings of Oscar Wilde (New York: The Nottingham Society, 1909). Wilde’s original text has no notes, and all links have been added by George P. Landow, who scanned the text and converted it to html.] CYRIL […]



God gave food to people, and the devil gave cooks.

The first step


For the majority of mankind, religion is a habit, or, more precisely, tradition is their religion. Though it seems strange, I think that the first step to moral perfection is your liberation from the religion in which you were raised. Not a single person has come to perfection except by following this way. Thoreau