What it is?

This blog started as a professional outlet, a way to invoke a bit of meaning into the otherwise mundane daily world of american office cube life. I quit and quit the blog.
Now, I’m back! Having redoubled my effort on a rainy April day in Mississippi, I’ll now be blogging as
a religious hack, a recovering moviegoer, a friend of the disillusioned, the distressed, the worried, and the fearful.
I hope this blog will be very capacious plastic, a tall pile of dry hay we can burn later.
I’ll hack on religion, poetry, friendship, being young. I consider myself a hunter-gatherer of quotations that speak to the mess the world has gotten itself into, and that inspire some kind of response.

My name is Chris McAlilly. I love people. Please write me with a beef or more hay at cmcalilly@gmail.com.


7 Responses to “What it is?”

  1. 1 betsy

    thank you for coming to umph, you will be missed!

  2. 2 bibomedia


  3. Great .. really awesome subject. I am goin to blog about it too!!

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