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Q: Was it hard for you to have been carrying that interim tag for so many months? A: No. I’ve always been lucky that I understand and enjoy the day-to-day part of coaching and working with a group and recognize that importance of all that goes on on the inside a team. It is essential […]

[This web version of “The Decay of Lying” is based on the text from Volume 7 of The Complete Writings of Oscar Wilde (New York: The Nottingham Society, 1909). Wilde’s original text has no notes, and all links have been added by George P. Landow, who scanned the text and converted it to html.] CYRIL […]

Poetry and the Mouth: from the blog of the poet, Annie Finch Hart Crane by candlelight, Longfellow on a cake, and the scoop on the amazing Patricia Smith Sitting on the back porch on a very foggy Maine summer night, reading Hart Crane by flickering candlelight to Kazim Ali and his partner, I share with […]

A lot of things can’t be dealt with on a cultural level. One thing interesting about being human is that you are responsible to a great degree for your own sanity, your own ethicalism, your own moral solvency, your own intellectual seriousness. It would be nice if these things could be dealt with at a […]

So we must consider that a contest, the greatest of all contests, lies before us, for which we must do all things, and, in preparation for it, must strive to the best of our powers, and must associate with poets and writers of prose and orators and with all men from whom there is any […]

I feel that this award was not made to me as a man, but to my work–a life’s work in the agony and sweat of the human spirit, not for glory and least of all for profit, but to create out of the materials of the human spirit something which did not exist before. So […]



Effort is the necessary condition of moral perfection. Those who think they can live a high spiritual life whose bodies are filled with idleness and luxuries are mistaken. The body is the first student of the soul. ~Thoreau Nothing more can be considered as real merit for a person than his effort. Only in his […]