David Halberstam


David Halbertam

Henry Allen in the Washington Post:

David Halberstam was out to save the world back in the ’60s and ’70s when a lot of smart people believed that journalism would save the world, and Halberstam was just the man to lead the way, a big, bombastic man with big shoulders and features and a face full of furious wonder and realization.

As it turned out, the world didn’t agree with the smart people, and a journalistic heyday passed. But Halberstam never stopped working.

On Monday, at 73, with more than 20 books and a Pulitzer Prize on his shelf he was still at it, traveling to an interview in California when he died in a car crash.

He saw journalism as a calling, like later reporters who took him as a model in the mightiness of their efforts.

The late David Halberstam, speaking of his life’s work, said:

This is part of your own education. This is a great gift. And you get from this life. And that is the chance to get paid to learn. To learn. What defines your life when you hit 70 is love and friendship and family and things you’ve done. but i think its the education and the ability to spend time, and for me it’s 52 years. 52 years learning every day, going out every day, asking questions and coming out of every day with a little more knowledge. What a blessing!


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