To the detriment of some, and the delight of most Y2K came and went. And, we’re still here. But things are different now. Some people would tell you that things are more different now that ever before. Survivors, we can begin to express a vision for our future.

To be a 21st century dweller is to loathe gas prices, too much information, and grimy politicians. It is also to value sustainable “green” society, new and greater possibilities to travel, communicate and learn, and the possibility of giving something to our children. There’s a new book that’s ready to give you “the tools, models and ideas for building a better future.” It’s called World Changing, a User’s Guide to the 21st century and their selling their ideas and books and blogging along the way here.

“Worldchanging might well be the most complete, compelling articulation of the possible look and feel and actual operation of a sustainable society ever written.” Denis Hayes, an environmentalist


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