What happens when you stop believing in Hell?


If your Reverend Carlton Pearson, an evangelical pastor in Tulsa, OK, you become a heretic. This American Life, a public radio show, did a story on Pearson last night which I happened to catch on my way out to dinner. I didn’t have anything to do so for an hour I rode around Nashville listening. Pearson’s story is of a man who rose over the last 20 years to a position of prominence in the evangelical community of Tulsa. A change in faith led to a mass exodus of his congregation and a new kind of ministry. If you have ever doubted the existence of Hell, if you think Pearson is surely a heretic, or if you are just a fan of public radio, check out this free podcast here.


One Response to “What happens when you stop believing in Hell?”

  1. This American Life is by far one of the greatest programs in the history of radio. I hate that I don’t get to listen to it enough.

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