lifehack.org has become one of my new favorite sites. it’s a daily digest offering pointers on productivity, getting things done, and lifehacks. lots of these pointers apply to what i do here at the office, and lots of them apply to my personal life as well.


here’s one tidbit i saw this morning. via the antidotes to hamburger management post on lifehack, i found the take any from two to four post on slow leadership. varying the cheap-fast-good triangle (the idea that any product or service can have 2 of the 3 – cheap and fast, but not good; cheap and good, but not fast; or fast and good, but not cheap), slow leadership posits a quick-innovative-cheap-good square. carmine coyote suggests:

If you choose to provide a product or service that is both innovative and good, it will neither be quick nor cheap to produce….You want it cheap and still innovative? Then it won’t be good, mostly because it will be full of mistakes and bugs that should have been ironed out properly first—if people had not been forced to cut corners and bring it into use in too raw a state. In fact, it won’t be quick either, since you will be forced later to spend a great deal of unplanned time trying to correct the problems and errors built into the product or process by doing everything on the cheap.

read the whole post. what say you? do you agree? disagree? or have another variation of the triangle/square?


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