Innovation on the Frontlines:

I am really excited about We learned about this website in the Pastor Portal meeting on Tuesday, October 3. The next day I went to the site. I learned I could download photos for $1, $3, or $5, depending on the resolution I needed. Yes, I said $1.00! As Managing Editor of Circuit Rider, I need photos for interior use but have almost no budget for them, so I couldn’t resist trying this new possibility. Using a key word search, I very quickly found two images I wanted. I paid $10 for 10 “units” (their minimum.)The 10 units went into my account, ready to be used. With good assistance from the help desk to equip/amend my computer functions, by the end of the day Wednesday, I had downloaded the two images, sent them to the designer, and she had incorporated one of them into an article in the Nov/Dec issue. Within the next two days, I had downloaded two additional images and they were quickly designed into two articles. So here’s the deal: Three images, costing a total of $5 were found and used in three articles in three days. The fourth image I downloaded for $3 can be used at any time within the next year. And I still have a $2 credit in my account! There are other neat features to explore. For example, you can post a request for a specific shot, indicating how long you can wait. Then the photographers posting to the site respond, saying they have the photo you have requested. This won’t serve every illustration need, but how could we not use this site at UMPH?

Jill Reddig
(pilgrim granny)


2 Responses to “Innovation on the Frontlines:”

  1. yea! this reminds me of a matt nathanson song. he sings, “i’ll be awful sometimes; weakened to my knees; but i’ll learn to get by on little victories.”

  2. Here is a good list of ‘free’ stock phtotos. They have varied license requirements.

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