Bonophiles, Unite!



Sometimes my friends tease me for deifying the band U2. Yes, in my cubicle, I may have a small shrine to the four members of the band. (Do you really deserve a shrine if you’re not even dead yet?) Yes, I have downloaded 232 of their songs into my iPod, many of them duplicates. Yes, my cat’s name is The Edge. Yes, I make my own wife call me “Bono Boy.” Okay, not really. My cat’s real name is Chessie, and my wife actually calls me “that guy on the couch snoring through reruns of ‘Star Trek.’”

I just can’t help it. I’m a sucker for great lyrics and great music, and U2 has both. For more than twenty years, Bono, The Edge, Adam, and Larry have basically provided the soundtrack to most of my adult life…and my often not-so-perfect adult faith. How fitting that when my faith journey was taking a bumpy detour through a major valley, U2 didn’t condemn me for faltering, but rather, reassured me they had felt the same thing. Their song “Acrobat” spoke to me directly:

I’d join the movement / If there was one I could believe in / Yeah, I’d break bread and wine / If there was a church I could receive in. / ‘Cause I need it now. / To take the cup / To fill it up, to drink it slow.

Probably not words from God, but godly words, for sure. They spoke to me right when I needed them. How does music do that?

–Ty Powers


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