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social networking sites aren’t just for teens or college students. they’re for adults too. allow me to introduce

minti is about advice, friendship, and community for parents. join for free, get your own family page, keep a blog and make friends with other members. advance through the minti ranks by contributing advice, rating articles, and writing comments.

as a start, check out the pages of jen lemen and rachelle mee-chapman. when these two women talk about parenting, they use terms like soulcare and spiritual development. fascinating. incidentally, they each have a pretty good following for their personal blogs (jen’s, rachelle’s) as well.


4 Responses to “social networking”

  1. Thanks for the positive words. We are really enjoying building this social community and its people like Jen and Rachelle that are making it a great place for parents all over the world to come and learn from others.

    All the best,
    Matt – Minti Co-founder

  2. thanks for stopping by matt. minti looks like a great community, and i’m hearing good things about it.

  3. thanks so much for the linklove! minti has been really positive for me.

  4. Thanks for reviewing and linking to Minti.
    Looks like Matt beat me to your blog, but still wanted to say thank you personally as well 😉
    Minti Co-Founder

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