Accidental Creative


When I moved to Nashville, I was struggling to find a creative rhythm for my life. I wanted to be a writer, but I found my time was being sucked up by several little things, so many little things in fact that I was finding it impossible to get to the one or two creative things I wanted to do in a day. I never had time for writing. The frustration mounted as I realized that I was my own worst enemy. In January, I came across a podcast and a blog called The Accidental Creative.

The Accidental Creative is all about how we can structure rhythms in our lives to help us experience “creative accidents.” A creative accident is when two or more things that do not seem to belong together crash into each other forming an idea that is better than either individual idea on its own.

I hope to offer daily thoughts, insights, and perspectives on finding our creative rhythm, especially within a corporate environment, and how to structure creative organizations so that productivity is maximized over the long term.

— first blog post by Todd Henry, Accidental Creative, December 2005

Todd makes me believe that there is nothing inherently creative about an organization. Creativity will only be realized in a particular place to the extent to which each person in that place is maximizing their creative potential. And the good news is:
we all have creative potential!

On being asked what he wants engraved on his tombstone:
“He lived well, and died empty.” –Todd Henry, Accidental Creative


One Response to “Accidental Creative”

  1. this is a good post. i’ll have to check out accidental creative.

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