another use for the web


here’s one way publishers are using websites to promote new releases. i’ve heard about each of the sites below either by staying connected to a particular area of the blogosphere or through some sort of ecard that gets sent to a mailing list.

take a look at the design and at the kinds of info being put out there.


2 Responses to “another use for the web”

  1. Just checked out all three of these sites. Very cool! Time’s a wastin’, folks! We need to generate content like this, not only for UMPH employees, but, perhaps more importantly, for those real-worlders who are either unfamiliar with us, or who have turned their backs on us based on old perceptions. The great thing is, we can accomplish this without hiring outsiders. The creativity is right here within our ranks, waiting to be harnessed.

  2. good comment lederhosen! Pass on the word.

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